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  • Hi all.

    What were heritage teachers doing across the country on Nov 13th? Well here we have it. See the post here.

    One Day In Heritage Language Teaching – November 13, 2019

  • Hola a todos-
    Many thanks to those who have already sent something to me from Nov 13th for “One Day In Heritage Language Teaching”! You have until tomorrow to send one PowerPoint slide with a description of what you did in your heritage class(es) on Nov 13th to me at Looking forward to seeing your contributions today and…[Read more]

  • Hola a todos –
    Don’t forget to take notes on what you’re doing in your heritage classrooms tomorrow and send me a Powerpoint slide with some description and some words about what you did. Feel free to add how it fits in to the larger picture about what you’re up to in your heritage classroom.

    The details, including due date for submission, are…[Read more]

    • I hope to send something next year. I am writing my proposal/outline to open URGENTLY a Heritage Speaker class. I hope my district understand the need of this class and also that we have 65 students already identified in our regular classes. For now, I am reading everything in this page and blogs to get information/advise in this new endeavor.…[Read more]

    • Hi @francysol
      Check out my post here in which I summed up a lot of material presented by @gzapata and Flavia Belpoliti’s in June 2018 at University of Texas at Austin.

      A lot of that material is available to the right here on this page, where it says “Watch the 2018 workshop…[Read more]

  • COERLL’s annual SHL workshop will be June 25-26 in Austin. We’re offering $ to help teachers pay for travel. The deadline is February 3, 2020. Learn more here:

    More info soon!

  • Dear Community Member:

    The Texas Coalition for Heritage Spanish is an organization that studies the presence and impact of Spanish Heritage Speakers in the State of Texas. In order to better identify the changes experienced in the last decade, We have shared this survey with you with hopes to better serve the needs of our Hispanic population…[Read more]

  • Hola colleagues! Just passing along some info about the annual Spanglish writing contest for high school and college students: The deadline is December 1st. It’s a great chance to celebrate your students’ bilingualism 🙂

    (This is sponsored by the National Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language,…[Read more]

    • Is it November or December 1st? The link says November

    • @formem that’s a good question. They sent me a flyer yesterday saying December 1st so I’m pretty sure that’s correct but I’ll let you know if it’s not.

    • ¡Hola! Soy Carlos Enrique Ibarra, 1/3 of the organizing committee for the 7th National Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language, which we will be hosting Feb 27-29 2020 at the University of New Mexico. I apologize for the confusion about the deadline for submissions to the Spanglish Creative Writing Contest, it is December 1st 2019.…[Read more]

  • Hi there. Anybody remember “One Day In Heritage Language Teaching” from last year? If you do, I’ll be doing it again on Nov 13th this year. If you don’t, check it out here 👉

    Calls for contributions to One Day in HLT, Nov 13th, 2019

  • Reminder: November 1, 2019 is the call for papers deadline for the 7th National Symposium on Spanish as a heritage language. Researchers, instructors, and K-12 educators welcome.

  • Hola a tod@s! This is not specifically for heritage teaching, but COERLL is hosting a webinar this Friday 10/4 about finding authentic L2 texts to use with students. Dr. Gabriela Zapata, whose many materials you’ve seen posted here, is one of the presenters. You can learn more and register here:

  • Dear All,
    Like last year, I have created a website to highlight aspects of the Hispanic community in Texas to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. This time the focus is on activism. There are activities associated with the website (link towards the bottom of the page). They’re in Spanish, but they can be easily adapted/translated to English. Here’s…[Read more]

  • I am a new member and I love all material and ideas that you have here! How can I see the new book that everybody is talking about? Muchas gracias!

  • Thank you so much for allowing us to see the new book. I teach High School and in California. Howevefr, some activities could be adapted. I just heard the podcast on all of the sayings “dichos”. The presenter took 6.30 minutes to introduce the three OSU students who share their “dichos”. Even though they are interesting, I found them to be…[Read more]

  • Thank you so very much for sharing your book! I do not teach University level, only Heritage 1 and 2, however I have glanced at it, and it has a lot of interesting material!

  • Hello everyone, I just wanted to share our new Open-Access textbook for Heritage learners:


    If you decide to use it, we appreciate the feedback.

  • I am looking for curricula for preschool through middle school heritage Spanish classes. The school I’m starting with other parents is on the weekends. It seems most texts and curricula are geared towards high school or college level. Are there any curricula for younger learners in weekend schools? Thanks for any references.

  • Hello! I am new to this page !
    I am a teacher from Minnesota and will be teacher Spanish Heritage this year. My students are high schoolers 9th to 11th grade. All in one session. This is the first time the class is offered and there is no curriculum. I am looking for recommendations of a textbook that I can purchase and can help me as a…[Read more]

    • Good morning! I don’t recommend a commercial book. Instead, I suggest you explore the activities on this page: I have four instructional modules for intermediate HL classes, and some of my colleagues have other great activities too. Mine are under this description: “Spanish for H…[Read more]

    • As a source of inspiration or starting point I highly recommend Ana Roca’s Nuevos Mundos. There are 2 editions. Both are very valuable and have served for the inspiration for some of our units. If you want a book to center you as a teacher on philosophy and perspectives I recommend Kim Potowski’s Heritage language teaching: Research and practice…[Read more]

  • I am just hearing about Heritage Spanish. Is there a curriculum that can be purchased? Materials?

    • Margarita Casas from Linn-Benton College in Oregon wrote a curriculum and has published an economical text/workbook (under $17) that is on Amazon. Her materials can be found under Resources at the top of this screen and then Class Activities. Look for OER Casas.

    • I looked at the book in Amazon and it says primer semestre and it can be used in clases mixtas. Do you know if the book is aimed to Intermediate, novice or advance learners? My heritage students are in a mix class that is equivalent to intermediate mid or high. Thank you

    • Good morning! I recommend the activities on this page: I have four instructional modules for intermediate HL classes, and some of my colleagues have other interesting activities too. Mine are under this title: “Spanish for Heritage Language Learners.” I hope it will help!

    • Hello! One of the wonderful things about teaching Heritage Speakers is that -in most cases- we have the opportunity to teach based on their needs and interests. The key element here is to differentiate your classes, and focus on certain skills/aspects you consider the most critical for them.
      about the materials, I invite you to take a look at…[Read more]

    • Thank you Gabriela C. Zapata and OscarJoya E.

  • Resending Oscar’s post

  • Space is limited in COERLL’s summer workshop, and it’s filling up fast. If you’re interested, consider registering soon!

  • Radioambulante!
    We are excited to share this new resource with all the community. Thank you Barbara Sawhill for sharing this amazing resource for every teacher looking for engaging, authentic Spanish Podcasts displaying a wide range of topics not only for Heritage Classes but for AP Spanish Language and Culture and other classes in Secondary and…[Read more]

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