Writing/ Composition Activities

Writing Activities

  • Narración personal in Heritage, by AnneMarie Chase, describes a classroom writing activity where heritage students wrote personal narratives, and their peers from other Spanish classes read them and gave them feedback.
  • OER Spanish for Heritage Speakers [CC], is a course site developed at Lehman College, CUNY, that contains curated OER materials relevant for the class curriculum and to support the instructor in her use of varied OER activities. For more information you can contact Evelyn Durán Urrea.
  • Teacher-authored materials from the COERLL Collaborators program –These lessons are a product of a school year’s worth of work. Teachers attended COERLL’s summer 2017 Spanish heritage language workshop, submitted lesson proposals, wrote their lessons, and edited and finalized their work based on feedback from the heritage Spanish project team.
  • Spanish for Heritage Language Learners  This is a collection of instructional materials  developed by Gabriela Zapata (Texas A&M) for the teaching of Spanish as a heritage language at the intermediate level, grounded in the tenets of the multiliteracies framework Learning by Design. The lessons are based on authentic materials produced by Latino writers and artists, and are organized in four instructional modules with a focus on topics relevant to heritage language learners: immigration, labor, family, and bicultural/bilingual identity.
  • Thematic Units for Developing Writing and Critical Awareness in Heritage Spanish Courses [CC], developed by COERLL Heritage Spanish Project Directors Yanina Hernández and Dr. José E. Hernández (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley). These thematic units are intended to develop reading, writing and a critical approach for Spanish Heritage Spanish courses.

If you’d like to share a resource with the Heritage Spanish community, please contact Marco Pevia at techs.edu.team@gmail.com.

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