Share Your Materials

Share Your Materials

The purpose of the Heritage Spanish website is to have a space where heritage Spanish instructors can share and collaborate. In order to expand our list of available resources, we invite you to share any original work that might be beneficial to other instructors. Some examples of things you can share are syllabi, lesson plans, class activities, exams, assignments, etc.

The sharing process

If you would like to share any resources that you have created:

  1. Email your resource to
  2. Your work will be openly reviewed by two Spanish heritage language educators using our rubric.
  3. If the reviewers suggest modifications to your resource, you will have a chance to make these modifications, before submitting your final version.
  4. Once we receive a final version, we will publish a link to your work here on the website. In addition, in order to recognize your work, we can send a letter to your supervisor acknowledging your hard work and contribution to the Heritage Spanish community.

Adding a Creative Commons license
Here at the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning, we encourage the use of Creative Commons licenses. Before you submit your work to us, please make sure to use a Creative Commons license so that users of your work can give you proper credit and understand what rights they have to reuse or modify your content. Watch this video to learn about Creative Commons licenses or read up on Open Educational Resources on our website. Please reach out to us if you have questions or need help adding a Creative Commons license to your work.

Creative Commons LicenseThe text of COERLL’s Heritage Spanish website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please be aware that some of the outside content listed on the site is copyrighted. See licensing page for more details.