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Supporting Undocumented Students

Given the ever-evolving political climate in the country, many undocumented students are concerned about their future. However, educational institutions around the country are making great efforts to support this community. Below is some useful information that you can share with your colleagues and any students who might be concerned about their status.

  • Juego de Herramientas para recién llegados / Newcomer Kit  Resources from the Office of English Language Acquisition OELA for Newcomer families with information about enrolling students in US Schools, Benefits for them, how to keep children safe and Homework Tips.  
  • United we Dream has numerous resources for Dreamers and those in need of immigration assistance, as well as ways to report ICE activity and printable “Know your rights” cards in English and Spanish. It also has information about rallies, petitions, ways for immigrants to share their stories, and many other actions to take. As a youth-oriented organization, United we Dream may be of particular interest to students.
  • The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has printable cards and videos in many languages.
  • The National Immigration Law Center has numerous useful resources.
  • A list of FAQ’s put together by MALDEF, The Latino Legal Voice for Civil Rights in America. Este documento está en inglés y en español.
  • document with some post-election talking points and resources concerning DACA put together by the ILRC (Immigrant Legal Resource Center).
  • EduMed has published a guide for undocumented students titled “Accessing the American Dream: Pursuing College as an Undocumented Student.”

If you’d like to share a resource with the Heritage Spanish community, please contact Marco Pevia at

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