In this page you will find several resources from previous events hosted by TeCHS and COERLL. Some of the events you will find here are our Open Educational Resource Hangouts, and our yearly workshops. Please keep in mind that all resources on this page are released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License unless otherwise noted. Please see our licensing page for more details.

December 2023 SHL Hangout with Vicente Iranzo

Potenciando la comunicación multilingüe en el aula a través de la traducción y la interpretación

October 2023 SHL Hangout with Sandra Bernal

Narrating Traumas: Creation of Comics by Heritage Learners

9th TeCHS Summer Workshop 2023

Strengthening Bilingual and Professional Pathways for Heritage Speakers 

April 2023 SHL Hangout with Lillie Padilla & Rosti Vana

The (Re)presentation of Afro-Latinx in Spanish Language Textbooks

February 2023 SHL Hangout with Emily Bernate

La combi completa: Encouraging Grammar, Dialect, and Cultural Competence through Reggaetón

December 2022 SHL Hangout with Stacey Alex & Elena Foulis

Open Educational Textbooks for Bilingual Students

8th TeCHS Summer Workshop 2022

Fostering Inclusion and Critical Agency in SHL Education: Engaging Learners with OER

February 2022 SHL Hangout with Marta Silva

Building Bridges and Fostering Communities in our Classrooms

November 2021 SHL Hangout with Adrienne Brandenburg

High-Leverage Strategies for Teaching Writing

7th TeCHS Summer Workshop 2021

From Design to Success: SHL Teaching Practices for Engaging and Empowering our Students

May 2021 SHL Hangout
with Dr. Margarita Casas & Dr. Flavia Belpoliti

Creating, adapting, sharing: OER in SHL instruction

March 2021 SHL Hangout with Lillian Cano

Creative Ways to Teach Spanish for Heritage Speakers: Authentic Media 

November 2020 SHL Hangout with Elga D. Sepúlveda Suárez

The use of Voki for a successful student-engagement experience with Spanish heritage learners

September 2020 SHL Hangout with Dr. Emily Bernate

Teaching and assessing grammar through critical pedagogy for Spanish heritage language

6th TeCHS Summer Workshop 2020

Effective methods to advance Heritage Spanish teaching

5th TeCHS Summer Workshop 2019

New Perspectives and Techniques for Teaching Spanish as a Heritage Language

We are creating professional development modules using the workshop videos, and will link to them from here when they are ready. Sign up for the heritage Spanish newsletter to receive updates. 

4th TeCHS Summer Workshop 2018

From Conception to Implementation: Creating and Sustaining a Heritage Spanish Language Program

3rd TeCHS Summer Workshop 2017

Adapting OER activities for your heritage Spanish classroom

2nd TeCHS Summer Workshop 2016

Adapting and Creating Activities for Heritage Learners of Spanish

1st TeCHS Summer Workshop 2015

Developing Materials for Heritage Learners of Spanish

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