Heritage Spanish program profiles

Texas A&M Commerce

The Spanish heritage language program at Texas A&M is comprised of undergraduate language courses and graduate seminars in preparation to teach heritage Langauge courses.

Here is a short listing of these courses:

SPA 333 – GBL/Spa for Heritage Speakers
Hours: 3
This course is designed for heritage speakers of Spanish who demonstrate,... Read more

Texas Tech University

The Spanish Heritage Language Program at Texas Tech University is fairly new. It was first launched in the fall of 2014 with one single class and serving a total of 16 students. Since then, the program has continued to grow. We now offer 6 different classes at 3 different levels and serve over 100 students... Read more

For a listing of other heritage language programs in the US, please see this directory: http://www.cal.org/consortium/heritage/index.html
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