Open Textbooks

  • Mi idioma, mi comunidad: español para bilingües by Elena Foulis and Stacey Alex is an open-access textbook for Heritage Language Leaners of Spanish that centers on students’ experiences with language, identity, and belonging in the Midwest through real-world applications. It uses a project-based approach that outlines how students engage in real-life applications by exploring culturally relevant topics in language use, arts, festivals, food, ethnography, oral history, digital lives, and the university. Through multimedia such as podcasts, videos, neighborhood maps, and music, we promote interactive exploration of culturally relevant content while supporting students’ language maintenance and growth.
  • Español para hablantes de herencia: Recursos OER by Margarita Casas is an open OER website for the teaching of Spanish as a Heritage Language at the Community College level. It includes several modules and guided activities for instructors to implement in the classroom. 
  • Teleplaza, a program hosted by the Institute for Language Education in Transcultural Context (ILETC) at CUNY,  facilitates telecollaborative connections among heritage Spanish and Latino Studies courses at the college level within the United States. You can use Teleplaza to find a project posted by another school or to post your own project. Teleplaza projects can be integrated into language or content courses to support a variety of learning goals, such as the development of proficiency, development of literacy, and exploration of specific content. Projects may range from short collaborations to semester-long partnerships. Instructors can select different modalities for communication for their projects (i.e.,  synchronous, asynchronous).
    • The HLL Spanish_ILETC  is a report that contains recommendations for instruction as a result of a research project conducted by the ILETC at CUNY that focused on the writing proficiency profiles of Heritage Speakers.
  • Reflexiones sobre nuestra lengua by Yanina Hernández and José Esteban Hernández (UTRGV) is an open-access textbook for speakers of Spanish as a heritage language, centered closely on HL student’s particular grammatical needs. It utilizes a compelling multi-modal approach that foregrounds students’ experiences and existing capabilities to leverage their skills toward more effective, personal language learning. Reflexiones focuses on writing as a process, emphasizing critical sociolinguistic consciousness and the empowerment of U.S. Spanish speakers.

Commercial Textbooks for
Spanish Heritage Language Classes

  • Avanzando: Lengua y cultura (Intermediate course)  Uses a guided and critical-thinking approach with systematized reprocessing to address more advanced concepts; culture is also a strong component but more focused on contemporary issues. Can be an exit level course, but in essence it looks to prepare heritage learners to be successful in advanced Spanish courses. Currently used at the University of Texas at Austin. Price: between $60 and $80, depending on print or electronic version.
  • Conectando con mi herencia: Lengua y cultura (Introductory course) Uses a guided and critical-thinking approach with systematized reprocessing to allow leaners to recall and internatilize knowledge. Strong cultural integration that allows learners to expand their knowledge of their rich cultural heritage while developing bilingual skills. Currently used at the University of Texas at Austin. Price: between $60 and $80, depending on print or electronic version.
  • ¡Conozcámonos! Curso práctico de español para el estudiante bilingüe en los Estados Unidos
  • Conversaciones escritas Lectura y redacción en contexto
  • ¡De una vez! A college course for Spanish speakers.
  • Entre mundos An integrated Approach for the Native Speaker
  • La lengua que heredamos Curso de español para bilingües
  • Manual de gramática y ortografía para hispanos
  • Nuestro idioma, nuestra herencia
  • Nuevos mundos
  • Palabra abierta
  • Galería de lengua y cultura: Español para hispanohablantes [Curso básico e intermedio]

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