•  Survey for Heritage Spanish speakers Part A / Part B : a self-report instrument used to measure the language attitudes of students who take the introductory Spanish course for heritage learners at the University of Texas at Austin. The survey consists of two parts: Part A is administered during the first week of the semester, and part B is administered during the final week of the semester. The purpose of this format is to measure any changes in the students’ language attitudes resulting from taking the course for heritage learners, but also to try and understand the factors that may contribute to these changes in the learners’ language attitudes. As we obtain data from the survey, we will continue to make changes to the survey to improve its quality and effectiveness. Please email Jocelly Meiners or Delia Montesinos with any feedback or questions.
    • Create a Google account or log in to Google Drive with your existing account.
    • Copy one of the surveys to your Google drive: Survey Part A, Survey Part B.
    • (Optional) Use the form as is or edit the form before sending it to participants.
    • Use the “Send” button at the top of the Google form to send the survey to your participants.
    • View responses and scores in the “Responses” tab on your form (You can select to “Get email notifications for new responses.”)


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