Pablo Guerra Casado


Full Name

Pablo Guerra Casado

Professional Title

Spanish instructor

Professional Role

Spanish instructor

School or Place of Work

Lehman College, City University of New York

What Level Do You Teach?

All levels in L2Ls and initial and intermediate sequence of HLLs

Approx. Percentage of Heritage Spanish Students at Your Institution

My institution is a Hispanic Serving Institution

How Has Spanish Played a Role in Your Personal and Professional Life?


How Long Have You Been Teaching?

18 years

More About Me

My name is Pablo Guerra Casado and I have been using your resources for a while for some reason I hadn’t registered an account! I am a teacher of emancipatory linguistics. I’ve seen how  second generation bilinguals or heritage speakers are racialized in the United States, I am a sociolinguist by profession (found it late in my career, but now I’m a total converse), and I want to participate in the project of making the United States a more heteroglossic country. Thank you for all your resources and the time and effort and passion you put into developing all these materials and strategies.

Heritage Spanish email list

Yes, please add me to the Heritage Spanish email list to receive updates about workshops and new resources.

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