Emerson Peek


Full Name

Emerson Peek

Professional Title

Spanish Teacher

School or Place of Work

Mountain Academy of Teton Science Schools

What Level Do You Teach?

11th and 12th grade

Approx. Percentage of Heritage Spanish Students at Your Institution


How Has Spanish Played a Role in Your Personal and Professional Life?

Aunque el español no es mi primera lengua, haberlo aprendido me ha cambiado mi trayectoria de la vida bastante, abriéndome a nuevas formas de pensar, ver el mundo y actuar. He trabajado en varios ámbitos, pero hace dos años tomé la decisión de hacer un programa de maestría y así poder usar mi español para fines sociales y educativos.

How Long Have You Been Teaching?

This is my 2nd year.

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Heritage Spanish email list

Yes, please add me to the Heritage Spanish email list to receive updates about workshops and new resources.

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