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    Call for Papers for a volume on Pedagogies in Mixed Language Classrooms

    Invitation to contribute a chapter to an edited volume regarding successful pedagogies in mixed language classrooms, i.e. best practices in language classrooms that contain heritage speakers and advanced L2 speakers.

    As administrative policies push for bigger class sizes, mixed language classrooms with their varying learning needs, become more common. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group has already expressed interest in this volume, and I would love to be able to include your chapter regarding the teaching of ________ in mixed classrooms.

    The volume is intended for pre-service teachers and other language teaching professionals interested in theoretically informed, best pedagogical practices on successful language teaching in these settings.

    The book will be divided into four areas:

    a) sociolinguistic perspectives

    b) language identity

    c) metalinguistic competency

    d) language pedagogy

    Note: All essays should at least in part discuss the specific teaching strategies or pedagogy employed in mixed classrooms. Although not required, you are also encouraged to provide actual teaching materials, with commentary, etc.

    Some of the questions we intend to address are:

    What are some successful practices that enhance language learning concurrently in all populations of mixed language classrooms?

    How is differentiation best conducted in mixed language classrooms?

    How is cultural and linguistic identity highlighted/acknowledged for all populations involved in mixed language classrooms? How do the proposed methodologies contribute to decreasing stress or conflict in the classroom?

    What methods and strategies promote student engagement in diverse mixed language classrooms?

    How does metalinguistic competency contribute to classroom dynamics and to the learning process?

    To submit your contribution for consideration, please reply by July 15th with an abstract of your chapter clearly stating the topic you will be addressing, a brief description of the specific language learning experience that you successfully conducted in the mixed language classroom, and explicitly indicating how language acquisition theory informed your practice.

    Abstracts should be circa 250 words, in English, double space and include a selected bibliography. Please submit to

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