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    @group If you have experience with high school proficiency based units for heritage learners, please read this message and reach out if you can help:
    My name is Doris Poole and I was wondering if someone in the COERLL group has developed high school proficiency based curriculum units for Spanish for Heritage speakers I and II . I have been teaching these classes for over 12 years and I have been using the Nuevas Vistas I and II textbooks with other outside resources that I have found online. I would like to start using proficiency based units with my heritage students, but I would like some help. I have looked at the resources, classroom activities in the COERLL’s website but I couldn’t find any Units . I would appreciate some help in this matter.

    • Wish I could help, but my high school students are erly college students, so we use the college curriculum and the textbook Nuevos Mundos. Our units are theme-based and include activities developing academic literacy, academic writing, speaking, and culture appreciation.

    • Hi Doris. I think I’ve seen you on ACTFL’s SIG for SHL.

      I have recently done OPI training, and I received a lot of useful input there for taking a proficiency-based approach towards heritage classes. Even though I just took the workshop 3 weeks ago, there are already some things that I’ve taken from it. I’m currently preparing a blog post about it. I’ll make sure to put it here and in the ACTFL SIG group. Lots of applications for heritage students from OPI.

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