Module 3 Intro

Communicating ideas through language: A language arts and metalinguistic approach for teaching SHL

Presented by Dr. Delia Méndez Montesinos (University of Texas at Austin)

About the presenter:

Photo of Dr. Delia MontesinosDr. Delia Montesinos is from the Mexico-US border. She received her BA with a Major from Trinity University from San Antonio, TX. She taught Spanish with Brownsville ISD for several years. Later, she received her Master’s from the University of Texas Pan American. Montesinos received her PhD in Spanish literature from UT Austin. She is currently a senior lecturer and teaching Spanish heritage courses at UT Austin. She is the author of the textbooks used from heritage courses at UT.

About this module:

This module presents the importance of returning to the concept of language arts or studying the building blocks of the language. Delia Montesinos explains the interconnectedness of language arts, metalinguistics, and grammar. She presents various reflexive grammar activities that support metalinguistic processing as well as the process of creating such activities.

This module is organized in the following lessons:

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