¡Felicidades a Edwin Alvarez!

¡Felicidades a Edwin Alvarez!

El equipo de TeCHS y COERLL se enorgullecen en presentar al Student Spotlight del mes de noviembre: Edwin Alvarez. Actualmente está cursando su último año en Muhlenberg College . Edwin fue nominado por  la profesora Amelia Moreno.

A continuación Edwin nos comparte un poco más sobre el.

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Kim Potowski Q&A recording

What should I teach my Heritage Students?

What textbook should I use?

Is there a Placement Test I can apply?

How can I best support my Heritage Students?

These and other questions are answered by Dr. Potowski in a very interesting and dynamic Q&A session. You will get insightful ideas for your own classes.

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Texas A&M University

At the intermediate and advanced level, the Department of Hispanic Studies at Texas A&M University offers courses that are designed specifically for students who acquired Spanish in their family or community. The first of these, SPAN 203, Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Learners, aims to develop basic literacy (reading, writing, spelling) and to provide opportunities for... Read more

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