Open Textbooks

  • Mi idioma, mi comunidad: español para bilingües by Elena Foulis and Stacey Alex is an open-access textbook for Heritage Language Leaners of Spanish that centers on students’ experiences with language, identity, and belonging in the Midwest through real-world applications. It uses a project-based approach that outlines how students engage in real-life applications by exploring culturally relevant topics in language use, arts, festivals, food, ethnography, oral history, digital lives, and the university. Through multimedia such as podcasts, videos, neighborhood maps, and music, we promote interactive exploration of culturally relevant content while supporting students’ language maintenance and growth.

Reading Lists

  • Experiences of Chicanx/Latinx experiences As of June 2020. A growing compilation from Ms. Nancy Dominguez Fret. You can also visit an updated version of this list here.
  • In Progress: A reading list regarding Chicanx/Latinx History and Culture in the U.S.

Commercial Textbooks for
Spanish Heritage Language Classes

Reference books about teaching Spanish as a heritage language

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