Teo Valdés


Full Name

Teo Valdés

Professional Title

EdD Student

School or Place of Work

American University

What Level Do You Teach?

I'm not currently teaching Spanish, but I have taught students of all ages, and everything from Spanish 1 to AP Language.

How Has Spanish Played a Role in Your Personal and Professional Life?

I am the son of a Cuban-American heritage speaker of Spanish. In fact, I’m the grandchild of heritage speakers of Spanish. My dad believes that his Spanish is “bad” and struggled a lot when he took a Spanish course in high school. This is a big part of why he didn’t teach me Spanish as a child, though I learned it as an adult. I became a Spanish teacher, and traveled and lived in Latin America. I met my wife at Spanish immersion camp. Now, I’m an EdD student researching the teaching of Spanish for heritage speakers. I hope to be able to influence our profession to better serve people like my dad and my Abuela.

How Long Have You Been Teaching?

13 years

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Heritage Spanish email list

Yes, please add me to the Heritage Spanish email list to receive updates about workshops and new resources.

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