Amy McIntosh Aldrete


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Amy McIntosh Aldrete

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Middle School Spanish Teacher

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Diocese of Dallas

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6th – 8th grades

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I am an experienced CI Spanish Teacher at the middle and high school level, recognized as Halo Educator of the Year for the Dallas Diocese in 2018, and nominated to represent the Diocese at the Texas State level (TCCB-ED) in 2019. I love to incorporate my experiences at the U.S Embassy in Mexico City and my passion for education policy into my work by engaging students in service projects like Water Filters in Guatemala and International Child Refugees. I was recognized as teacher of the year 2018 by the Diocese of Dallas. I love to work collaboratively with other subject area teachers, and I’ve given public speeches at international teaching conferences like ACTFL. I am skilled in event planning, community building, international cooperation, and Spanish. I posess a MPAff with a concentration in education and diversity, economic development and family systems, and U.S./Mexico binational project management from The University of Texas at Austin – The LBJ School of Public Affairs.

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