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Chris Cashman

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Spanish Teacher

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Span 3 and SNS 1 & 2

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I have lived in Chicago for 17 years ever since I came here for college in the year 2000.  I have always lived among the Latino community here through church membership and the communities I’ve lived in.  “Spanish” for me is not a trip I did back in 2003 and a hobby I do in my free time.  “Spanish” is my next door neighbors, my students, my supermarket, and the language I speak to my children.

My students come from all over the city of Chicago, but our school happens to be located in a Latino community.  One of the units I teach with my heritage students is about the history and heritage of the community.

How Long Have You Been Teaching?

7 years

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I am OPI certified and see a lot of benefits in understanding how proficiency as defined by ACTFL applies to the heritage classroom.  I am already seeing how immensely it will benefit me as a heritage teacher.

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