• Margaret Eomurian posted an update in the group Heritage Spanish Café 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Has any one used the Valley View Schools placement test? I am teaching Spanish to Hispanic early-college high school kids this fall.

    • No. I am also looking for a free online placement test for Spanish for Heritage Speakers in high school.

    • First comment in this forum. Have heard about it for awhile, finally joined!

      I am in charge of World Lang placement at my high school. After trying many different multiple choice exam formats over the years, we have found that the best placement procedure for our heritage students is 1) 4 short writing prompts, 2) a short 2-3 min interview in the hallway during that placement test. That’s really all it takes.

      If you’re not dealing with over 75 incoming freshmen who might qualify for heritage classes, I’d recommend just doing that.

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