Luciane L Maimone


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Luciane L Maimone

Professional Title

Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics

Professional Role

Graduate Program Director

School or Place of Work

Missouri State University

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How Has Spanish Played a Role in Your Personal and Professional Life?

Learning Spanish contributed to my personal and professional growth. My first language is Portuguese, so I feel a deep connection with the Spanish language and Hispanic culture in the Americas.  I did some research on Spanish as a heritage language as a graduate student and I fell in love with it. We are now trying to create a 2-course heritage program at Missouri State, even though we have a low percentage of Hispanics in the area, I hope this will have a positive impact in our community.

How Long Have You Been Teaching?

In the US, about 7 years

More About Me

I’m from Brazil and I completed my PhD at Georgetown University in D.C. I’ve been a big fan of COERLL and other resources created by the University of Texas at Austin for many years.

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Yes, please add me to the Heritage Spanish email list to receive updates about workshops and new resources.

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