Liz Evers


Full Name

Liz Evers

Professional Title


Professional Role

PK-5 Teacher

School or Place of Work

Cedars International Academy

What Level Do You Teach?

PK – 5

Approx. Percentage of Heritage Spanish Students at Your Institution


How Has Spanish Played a Role in Your Personal and Professional Life?

My training and most of my professional life has been teaching all content to Spanish speakers in LatinAmerica. When I moved to the US I started teaching Spanish. Being a native speaker has been an asset and has gotten me the jobs I’ve had.

How Long Have You Been Teaching?

25 + yrs

More About Me

I was born in Colombia but left the country many years ago.
I want to be able to successful at teaching Spanish as a foreign language to non-Spanish speakers at the same time as I teach Spanish to Spanish speakers.

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