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    @group Please read this message from Liz Evers, and help out if you can!
    “I teach Spanish to pk – 5th gr. I need a way to measure growth in my 3rd – 5th graders. Maybe something I could administer now, as a baseline, and then at the MOY and EOY. Any ideas? Please help!”

    • Hi,
      You need to choose a skill, if you want to measure speaking/ communication ) you can collect data base on a small conversation they have and collect it in the language lab. ( or make them recorded on their phones and then send it to you) . For this activity you gave them a situation or a presentational speaking where you gave them a picture ( vacations) and they talk for 1′ or less and the same recorded and saved it and send it to you. This is your baseline. (you will need a rubric)

    • Thank you, Maria.

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