Alberto Comino Grande


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Alberto Comino Grande

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Web developer

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How Has Spanish Played a Role in Your Personal and Professional Life?

Spanish has played a very big role in my professional life, as I employ two Spanish speakers to write articles for my Spanish blogs.

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More About Me

I have been working as a webmaster for many years. I started by creating websites on commission. My first project was a website with online series, which unfortunately no longer exists today, while it was possible to watch series for free. The owner of the site recommended me to several friends, and that’s how I received more orders. Over the next years I made a lot of services, both stores and blogs and sites with movies. So I decided to start creating and positioning my websites. So I started with what I know the most about, which is TV series. I created a Polish site, which is now one of the most popular sites in Poland. Three editors write new content every day. I have a few other sites for Poles, mostly they are blogs with reviews of movies/serials/games. I really like my job, because it gives me great pleasure 🙂 I would have forgotten to add. All these years I’m still teaching my kids about building and positioning websites

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