Heritage Spanish Café

Heritage Spanish Café

  • There are a lot of SHL events taking place across the country in October… check out our calendar https://heritagespanish.coerll.utexas.edu/list/events/.

  • For my Heritage Learners class at City College, CUNY, I’m using some microcuentos by Cortázar and Monterroso. They are too young to relate to the HL stories in their textbook, but I find that they can engage with shorter stories and we go from there to longer pieces. If anyone wants the Word docs, they’re 1 and 2 pages.

  • Hi all,
    I am looking for a short story from one of the thematic units developed by Esteban and Yanina Hernández. It is from a book that is very difficult to find anymore. The name of the story is “Yo me llamo Antonio” by Sabine Ulibarri from the book ” Pupurupú: Cuentos de niños” TIA

  • Hi all! I am revamping my Spanish for Heritage Learners syllabus and was wondering if anyone has suggestions on readings to incorporate? This is for a 300-level course. Thanks!

  • Hi all- I just came across this article by Clare Roach and Tim Jacklich about starting a book club for heritage speakers. Has anyone tried something similar? https://www.edutopia.org/article/starting-heritage-language-book-club.

  • Hi everyone – In case you or someone you know might be interested – UIC is hiring a director of the Spanish Heritage Language Program. The deadline to apply is July 10: https://jobs.uic.edu/job-board/job-details?jobID=96796&job=clinical-assistant-professor-director-of-hlp-program

  • I would like to use and remix Margarita Casas’ materials using OER for a course I am developing, but I am not sure how to give credit to her since there is no Creative Commons logo on her materials. Any advice?

    • That is a great idea! Some of her materials have CC licenses so she might still be willing to let you use the things that aren’t labeled with licenses. You can try contacting her to explain your idea and ask what she thinks (her contact info is here http://cf.linnbenton.edu/artcom/foreign_language/casasm/web.cfm?pgID=13). Please keep us updated…[Read more]

    • That is a great idea! Some of her materials have CC licenses so she might still be willing to let you use the things that aren’t labeled with licenses. You can try contacting her to explain your idea and ask what she thinks (her contact info is on the Linn Benton website). Please keep us updated and let us know if you need any help.

    • I just emailed her and will let you know what she says.

  • Here is the link for the article “A Gringa is going to teach me Spanish!” https://www.adfl.mla.org/bulletin/article/adfl.36.2.27 You need to be a member of the ADFL or MLA to access it. If I can get access and can download the pdf I will share

  • Here is a link with more information about the publication I am working on re: open materials, practices, pedagogies in the language classroom. Pls contact me if you have questions! https://blog.research-publishing.net/give-back-campaign-call-for-paper-bab3577492cb

  • Hello, I would love to hear from any of you who use Radio Ambulante (the NPR podcast) with your students. I am interested in collecting a repository or resources of materials for teachers. Please respond here if this is something you do!

    • Haven’t used it in the classroom yet, but I definitely plan to this coming year. This past year, I did indeed use an NPR podcast (in English). @group

  • Good morning, all! For those of you who teach heritage speakers of Spanish in any capacity (in mixed classes or classes for heritage speakers or other), would you mind helping out with some undergraduate research? One of my students will use the data from this questionnaire for the first part of her summer research project. Targeted participants…[Read more]

    • Hi Josh,
      We are glad you joined our heritage Spanish community. I hope many instructors will see your message and help you share your questionnaire. ¡Buena suerte!

  • @group Buenos días a todos. A few days ago, Chris Cashman posted an interesting question on our forum but he hasn’t received any responses. We realized that no one is getting notified when there is a new post, so please from now on, when you post to the forum, type @group before the message, and that will ensure that everyone gets notified. Below…[Read more]

    • Thanks so much, @jmeiners! I really would like to hear what others are doing. I think that we’re shortchanging our students by putting translated literature in front of them all the time, and yet it seems like these types of work are everyone’s favorites.

    • @group I use chapters from Caramelo by Cisneros (don’t think that is a translation from English). I have also seen syllabi that use Balun Canan by Rosaura Castellanos and Pedro Parramo by Rulfo. Unfortunately, several well-known authors admit that they are not comfortable enough to write in Spanish. Hope this helps.

  • I am planning to attend the summer workshop June 7 and 8, and I need to know the exact times and dates of the workshop. Please advise.

  • What are your favorite novels / short novels that you teach with your heritage students that are originally in Spanish (so not ‘Cajas De Carton’, ‘La Casa En La Calle Mango’, or ‘Cuando Era Puertorriqueña´)?

    • @group I have used chapters from Caramelo by Cisneros. She had someone else do the Spanish translation for her since she is not comfortable writing in Spanish. I have also seen teachers use Balun Canan by Rosaura Castellanos and Pedro Parramo by Rulfo.

  • @group Buenas noticias: If you’d like to come to Austin this June for our Heritage Spanish workshop, COERLL will be offering $300 – $500 grants for 10 people to help with their travel expenses. You can apply here: https://goo.gl/To8i6g. Applications will be accepted until April 9. Please spread the word. Feliz spring break!

  • @group It’s Open Education Week! I wanted to share this blog post I wrote for the UT Libraries Blog. Let me know what you think!
    Are any of your institutions doing anything special this week for Open Education week?

  • @group Hi everyone. We wanted announce our 4th Heritage Spanish Summer Workshop, which will take place this coming June 7-8 here at UT Austin. It’s going to be a great workshop with lots of helpful content for heritage Spanish instructors at all levels. We hope to see you here at UT Austin in June! Visit the event page for more information…[Read more]

    • Raz-kids.com has a Spanish section with activities and books kids can read independently. It creates reports for the teacher. Many, if not most, of the books are translated, unfortunately, but it’s better than nothing. Check it out. I use it with my 4th gr. native speakers sometimes.

  • Do you know of any Tier 2 resources in French, Spanish or Mandarin that could be used by accelerated learners such as heritage/native speakers when they’re doing independent work during their language class time? Ideally, this could be a computer/web based program that would somehow track the activities they’ve completed and their progress.

    In…[Read more]

  • @group Videos from our summer workshop are now available under events > events resources (https://heritagespanish.coerll.utexas.edu/events/workshops/).

  • @group Del 15 de septiembre al 15 de octure se celebra el National Hispanic Heritage Month. Por favor compartan sus ideas de cómo podemos celebrar este mes con nuestros estudiantes.
    Además, el 1 de octubre se celebra el National Spanglish Day. Una excelente manera de celebrarlo es animando a sus estudiantes a participar en el Spanglish Day C…[Read more]

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