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The Spanish Heritage Track has been created to help bilingual students expand their Spanish skills and knowledge of their cultural heritage in a rich, confidence-building environment.

Our mission is to promote Spanish language development and maintenance in the Southwestern United States. We believe that every heritage student has rich linguistic resources and a cultural appreciation that is welcome and nourished in the classroom context.

The role of the classroom is then to help each student discover their potential and their valuable role as a Spanish speaker and a language maintenance agent in their communities. We believe that the only way for heritage students to achieve their highest potential is to gain confidence in their own Spanish. To create a safe space for student’s engagement in Spanish is a principal goal of our program.

In our program, SHL learners will be able to:

  • Expand their oral and written skills in the Spanish language
  • Build community with other heritage learners at ASU, and expand their Spanish speaking professional network.
  • Learn more about Spanish-speaking cultural heritages in the United States and other countries
  • Broaden their personal histories by learning about the cultural experiences of U.S. Latinos
  • Develop a critical understanding of issues surrounding bilingualism in the U.S.
  • Become prepared to enroll in upper division courses leading to a major or minor in Spanish